painting techniques for creative finishes

painting techniques for creative finishes

How To Avoid These Common Painting Mistakes

by Bradley Davis

There are a few mistakes that are made time and time again by people who paint their own homes.  Whether large or small, these mistakes can cause big headaches in the end, as well as making the job look unprofessional.  Here are a few tips to make sure your paint job looks superb.

In A Hurry

Each of the mistakes mentioned below can be avoided if you follow one simple rule: don't rush it!  You may be excited to get that last room painted, or feel like it's a simple job that won't take too much time.  But being in a hurry to finish up can cause you to cut important corners, and end up costing you more time in the long run.

Inadequate Preparation

Make sure that your walls are clean and primed.  You may have a brand new house, or be a meticulous clean freak, but dust and other elements can still settle on your walls unnoticed, causing bumps and other inconsistencies under your new paint.  Make sure to wash down the walls and let them dry properly before you begin.

Using primer is a must when painting your home as well.  Primer helps the paint to stick well and also allows the true color of the paint to shine through.  If you feel that it's too much effort to paint on the primer before applying paint, opt for paint with the primer already added in.  It may cost you just a bit more, but is worth what you'll save in elbow grease.

Failing To Tape And Protect Surrounding Areas

Taping off the areas you won't be painting, such as baseboards or connecting walls, is essential.  Some think that with just a bit of extra time they can make sure the line at the end of their paint job is straight by hand, but this almost always ends up in slip-ups and necessary touch-ups.  The time it takes to tape off your area will be saved in the mistakes you won't have to fix.

Make sure that other items you don't want paint on are removed from the space, such as furniture and rugs.  Once you have that completed, cover the entire floor with a tarp or drop cloth.  This will keep random drops or sprays of paint from flying off in a direction you didn't anticipate and ruining your favorite rocking chair.

Applying The Second Coat Too Soon

After applying the first coat of paint, you could get excited about how great your room looks, and want to finish up right away.  But a great paint job can be ruined by applying your second coat too soon.  Make sure to check the instructions on the paint for the proper drying time.  Stepping back and giving the paint the right time to dry will help your final touches come out perfect.

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painting techniques for creative finishes

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