painting techniques for creative finishes

painting techniques for creative finishes

Freshen Up The Exterior Look Of Your Home With These 2 Tips

by Bradley Davis

If you are tired of the exterior look of your home, you can freshen it up with the two tips below. When you are finished, your home will look like a brand new one, and it will give it better curb appeal.

New Coat of Paint

If you have not given your home a new coat of paint, this is a good place to start in freshening it up. This is a job you can do yourself, or you can hire a professional company (such as American Permacoat) to do it for you.

Purchase a small can of paint you want to use, and then find an inconspicuous area of an exterior wall. Clean the area, and then let it completely dry. Paint over it using a paint brush. The next day, place a piece of tape over the paint, and then pull it off quickly. If you see no paint on the tape, it is safe to prep the walls and paint them over the current pain. If you see paint on the tape, you will have to strip the paint off your house before you start painting it.

When choosing your paint, it should protect your home from fading, moisture, and hold up well to temperature changes. For this reason, pay a little more money and purchase a high-quality exterior paint.

You should also take this time to paint the front door. Update the door hardware, as well as the knocker. Hang a wreath on the door to give it more appeal, such as colorful flowers for spring.

New Roof

Unless you have replaced your roof in the past few years, you should hire a roof inspector to look at the roof. It may need to be repaired by adding a few shingles, adding a second row of shingles, or you may need to replace the roof.

If you have to replace the roof, choose a different type to give your home more appeal. For example, you could put on a metal roof in shades of red. Slate roofing is something else you may want to consider. Most people choose this roofing material because it is beautiful and gives the home a sophisticated look. It is available in varying sizes, as well as colors, such as red, black, purple, green, and gray.

Talk with a roofing specialist, who can show you the different types of roofing materials that are available.

When you are finished putting on a new roof and a fresh coat of paint, add some pots of flowers on your doorstep, or plant a colorful flower garden to give your home more appeal.


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painting techniques for creative finishes

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