painting techniques for creative finishes

painting techniques for creative finishes

What Interior Paint Finishes Work Best For Your Home?

by Bradley Davis

When you hire a professional painter to paint the rooms in your home, one of the big questions you will have to answer is what type of finish you want. Even though most homeowners are vaguely familiar that there are different types of finishes, many have no idea about their appearance distinctions and their pros and cons. Here is a simple overview of finishes so that you can choose the right paint products for your home.

Satin Finish - Often deemed as an eggshell finish, satin finish offers a clean matte surface that works well in most spaces. The satin finish is not oily enough to create a lot of shine, but is still easy to clean because it contains hardeners that give the paint its soft appearance. Satin finishes are a common choice in children's bedrooms because of this fact.

Semi-Gloss Finish - If you want a slight shine with a paint finish, the semi-gloss finish is a good choice. This is perhaps one of the more preferred interior paint finishes because it is easy to clean, with just enough slickness to the surface to repel moisture.

Flat Finish - Flat paint has a low oil content, leaving it with basically no shine at all. This means that this paint type will often appear darker because it will not reflect light. Flat paint also does not fare well in moisture-prone areas because it tends to absorb the moisture instead of repelling it. Yet, flat paint does have its good qualities. It goes on smoothly and is less likely to show small texture discrepancies than paints that offer a higher shine.

High-Gloss Finish - High-gloss finishes are a little less common inside of the house as their oil content is usually higher, and this means a longer drying time. However, high-gloss paint works well on surfaces that are commonly soiled and will need to be cleaned often, such as in the kitchen or bathroom. This is why a lot of older cabinetry will already be coated with high-gloss paint. The biggest downfall to high-gloss, oil-based paint is that it is difficult to paint over and usually must be removed if you plan to cover it with a lower-gloss paint finish.

The finish of the paint that you choose for the interior of your home is just as important as the color. If you are having any difficulties choosing the best paint finish for your home, be sure to talk to the professional painter for more advice and insight.


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painting techniques for creative finishes

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