painting techniques for creative finishes

painting techniques for creative finishes

3 Ways To Bring Out The Architectural Features Of Your Home

by Bradley Davis

From vaulted ceilings and balustrades to bay windows and interior columns, a house that has dramatic architectural features has a personality and status all its own. The only problem with all these beautiful features is you really do have to be careful how you go about painting everything when the job needs to be done. Too much of one color and all those things that make your home unique simply disappear.

Hiring a residential painting company to tackle an interior paint makeover is always for the best, but these pros can also help you highlight the best parts with certain paint color variances. Here are three ways they may recommend bringing out the architectural features in your home with paint.

Paint the inside edge of detailed archways a complementing shade. 

If you have archways cut out in your home between rooms instead of typical doorways, you will definitely want these features to show up against the rest of the walls. The only problem is, a lot of archways are cut right into the drywall and don't have any trim to paint. Your residential painting professional may recommend that you paint the inner rim of the archway a complementing color instead of the same shade as the walls. This one little move brings out the frame of the arch even though it doesn't have a frame to set it off. 

Paint any walls an accent color that set out from the plain surface. 

Maybe you have a room that has a few sections of wall that protrude outward from the rest of the walls in an effort to create visual interest. These wall sections can fall right in with the rest of the room if you have them the exact same color as the rest of the room. It is best to paint these wall sections in a coordinating color hue just to amp up the design and highlight the feature. 

Paint fancy window frames in a darker hue than the wall itself. 

If you look inside of most homes, the walls will be painted dark and the window frames are painted white. This is pretty common, and definitely helps draw attention to the window, but a better way of doing the same thing is to paint the window frames a darker hue than the walls. The contrasting color draws focus to the unique shapes and lines of the window frames. 


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painting techniques for creative finishes

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