painting techniques for creative finishes

painting techniques for creative finishes

Tips For Your Home's Interior Paint

by Bradley Davis

If you want to have the interior of your home painted, then you want to make decisions you'll end up being satisfied with. The colors of paint that you choose will prove to be very important. The colors you choose can help you achieve different results that create an interior you can be proud of. Here are some tips for painting your home's interior:

Know the benefits of going with a glossy paint

You want to go with glossy paint inside of your home because it will help the light to bounce off the walls, which helps you to have nicer lighting. Also, when you choose glossy paint, you will find that the walls are going to be much easier for you to clean. Even if you do decide to go with a flat paint for the living area and the bedrooms throughout your home, you still want to be sure you go with glossy paint in places like the kitchen and the bathrooms, which can be harder to keep clean.

Recognize the importance of light colors

Some people think it would be nice to have dark walls in the bedroom, such as black and red or even red and gray. However, when you go with dark colors like this, you can end up making a room look much smaller. Also, you will find that the room is harder for you to keep light when you want it to be. It's important to choose light colors of paint for the majority of the room and then use those dark colors you like as accent colors. You can paint one wall dark and the rest light. You can also paint all of the walls a light color and then do the trim and doors dark, including any and all of the closet doors.

Feel free to paint designs on the walls

In the past, people painted their walls solid colors and just stuck to hanging pictures on the walls for decoration. Nowadays, people are tending to choose a more artistic and creative way to decorate the walls. You can sponge paint over a solid painted wall to add in darker or lighter colors. You can also paint trim or even filigree on the walls to add color and a personal touch. If you want to write a welcoming saying on the walls, feel free to paint them this way.

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painting techniques for creative finishes

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