painting techniques for creative finishes

painting techniques for creative finishes

How To Paint A Shiplap Wall

by Bradley Davis

Shiplap is thick wood boards put together for a modern rustic, farmhouse, or midcentury look. Shiplap can be painted any color or way you choose. If you are using shiplap that isn't yet painted or primed, you need to paint it properly to ensure the paint adheres properly and you achieve the look you are trying for. Read on for tips to help you paint shiplap properly.

Sand The Shiplap

If you want a very rustic look without any paint at all on your shiplap, you don't want your shiplap sanded down at all, and you may just want to keep it the natural color it is or stain it to darken the wood and age it a bit. If you don't want anything too rustic and you want smooth boards, you should sand down the shiplap so it's nice and smooth and will give you a smooth finish once it's painted. It will also allow the paint to adhere properly as well.

Caulk The Shiplap

Use paintable caulk to fill in imperfections on the shiplap that you don't want to be seen. If you want a rustic look, you may like the nails and holes visible, but for a more cohesive look, you should caulk these areas. Smooth the caulk with your finger and sand it down if need be after it dries. Make sure you use paintable caulk to ensure you are able to paint over these caulked areas.

Prime The Shiplap

Prime your shiplap with a primer made for wood. You can find various types of primer at your local hardware store. After it has been sanded smooth, use the primer to allow it to soak into the wood so your paint will adhere properly and evenly. Prime your shiplap with one or two coats depending on your shiplap and how much soaks into the wood to give you the even look you need.

Paint The Shiplap

Paint your shiplap with latex paint. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, you may want to use more of a matte, flat or eggshell paint to give it less of a shine. If you want some shine that's not too glossy, you can use a satin or semi-gloss paint. Paint the shiplap whatever color you choose. Paint more than one coat if necessary to ensure it is applied evenly. Apply the paint using an angled paintbrush and nap rollers. Don't use cheap rollers, as you don't want to leave roller marks or don't want any of the nap coming off on the shiplap.

If you are installing a shiplap wall, you may be wondering how to paint it to give you the look you are trying to achieve. If you aren't sure how to paint shiplap or want a professional look, hire a professional painting service to do this for you.


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painting techniques for creative finishes

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