painting techniques for creative finishes

painting techniques for creative finishes

Tips To Get Your Exterior Painted

by Bradley Davis

Painting an exterior may seem like an easier paint job because you're outside, but you have so many exterior elements that you still have to be careful around so that you don't get paint splattered on everything around you. To help you get your exterior painted, there are a number of things you should know to help you get this completed. Read on for some tips to help you.

Use A Tarp Or A Drop Cloth

Lay a tarp or a drop cloth onto the ground to help protect your sidewalks, driveway, and other elements around your home from getting splattered with paint. Paint can splatter far, and you don't want to ruin a different area of your home while trying to beautify another. Make sure you take the time to lay down a drop cloth. Even if you think you are a neat painter, you may still get splatters all over.

Apply Painter's Tape

You're going to need to use painter's tape to help protect certain areas from getting paint on them. If you're painting around a door or a window, apply the painter's tape around the trim to protect it from getting painted. If you're painting your brick, apply painter's tape around edges that you don't want to paint. Painter's tape takes time to apply, but the end results are going to be worth it. Only use painter's tape since other types of tape can leave traces of glue and mar or damage surfaces.

Use A Ladder

Use a ladder or scaffolding to help you get up higher and reach what you are attempting to paint. Using an extension pole can be helpful too, but you may not be able to reach into the grooves that you need to get into. Invest in a good ladder, or rent scaffolding to help give you the leg up that you need to reach those high spaces.

Use A Good Quality Paint

Make sure when you are painting the exterior of your home that you are using good quality exterior paint. Not just any old paint will do, you need something that is going to hold up to the elements such as rain, cold, and heat. Read the labels and do your homework on the type of paint that you use.

If you are trying to paint an exterior portion of your home, whether it's your brick, siding, or wood on a shed, make sure you take the necessary steps to give you a proper paint job. If you want to hire a painter to complete the project, contact a painting service, such as Joe Tamborra Painting Co. 


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painting techniques for creative finishes

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