painting techniques for creative finishes

painting techniques for creative finishes

Top Things To Consider When Choosing Interior Paint For Your Home

by Bradley Davis

If you're having interior painting done in one or more rooms in your home, you will need to pick your paint before your painting crew can get started. There are actually a few things you should consider when you're choosing interior paint. If you're wondering about the main things you should consider, you can start by considering the things below. If you're working with a professional painter, they can also provide you with some helpful information to help you choose the right paint.

The Condition and Color of the Walls

First of all, you should take a look at your current walls. If they have some imperfections, then you will probably want to choose a flat paint. This is because glossier paints are more likely to show off all of the imperfections in your walls. Darker colors of paint are also often a good choice if you'd like to hide imperfections in your walls, and you'll want to look for a good-quality paint that offers good coverage. There are even some paint products on the market that are designed to help cover imperfections in walls, so you might want to look for one of these products.

The Amount of Moisture in the Room

Some rooms are prone to having a lot more moisture than others. Steam from when you're cooking can affect the paint on your kitchen walls, for example, as can steam from the shower in your bathroom. A glossier paint with a little bit of sheen is usually more tolerant to moisture, and moisture can typically be wiped down more easily, too. Therefore, you may want to choose a semi-gloss paint or similar for high-moisture areas of the home.

The Frequency of Use in the Room

In rooms that are not used very often, you may not worry about your walls getting too dirty. In rooms where there is a lot of foot traffic or where your kids play a lot, however, this can be a concern. For these rooms, it's a good idea to choose a paint that is easy to clean.

Your Preferences

Of course, you should consider all of the above-listed things so that you can choose good-quality interior paint, but these are not the only things you should be thinking about. You should also think about your own personal preferences when you're choosing interior paint, too. Therefore, you should think about things like your desired amount of sheen and your preferred colors for each room that you're painting, since this can help guide you in making the right choice.

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painting techniques for creative finishes

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