painting techniques for creative finishes

painting techniques for creative finishes

Three Options For Painting Your Staircase

by Bradley Davis

A lot of homes have carpeted staircases, but if you want a different look, you might wish to consider wood. Having a contractor remove the carpet and put hardwood on the stairs will give a completely different look to this part of your home. Instead of staining the stairs, consider hiring a painting contractor to paint them. Choosing paint over stain will give you all sorts of different color options that can complement the other hues that are in the area. Most people paint their stairs in neutral tones — here are three options that may appeal to you.


It's hard to go wrong with a white-painted staircase. This color helps to give the stairs a crisp and clean appearance. If the staircase is slightly on the narrower side, white will also work well for making the stairs seem more spacious. White is a good color of paint for your stairs because it matches virtually everything, including many elements that are likely in the surrounding area. For example, regardless of the color of your walls, you likely have white trim. White paint on the stairs will tie in with the trim color.


If you favor a darker hue, you have several options. Some people might consider black, and while it can work in certain environments, it may seem a little too dark for your liking. This can be a good time to move forward with gray. Given that you can find gray paint in a wide range of shades, you'll have no trouble choosing a specific color that works well on your stairs. If you have gray flecks in the carpet above or below the stairs, for example, you might favor choosing gray paint for the stairs in a shade that matches these flecks.


Taupe is another neutral color that can be a good fit on your stairs. Taupe shades can vary; some have a warmer tone, while others appear slightly cooler. If your painter uses taupe on your stairs, they won't likely stand out as much as if you were to paint them in white. This might be fine for people who want their stairs to look stylish, but not necessarily be the focal point in the area. A lot of people use taupe in lots of ways throughout their homes, including in furniture and decor choices, which can make taupe work well on your stairs.

Interior house painting services can paint your staircase for you. Contact a local company for more information.


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painting techniques for creative finishes

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