painting techniques for creative finishes

painting techniques for creative finishes

5 Ways Fresh Paint Can Protect Your Home's Wood Siding

by Bradley Davis

Wood siding on your home can be attractive and long-lasting, but it requires repainting every few years to look and perform its best. Paint is for more than appearances, it is also the main way to protect your siding from damage.

1. Prevent Continuing Damage 

Cracks and holes in wood siding can often be repaired if they are filled with wood putty before moisture damage has a chance to occur. Unfortunately, putty alone won't be protection enough — the siding must also be painted so that no exposed wood remains around the repair site. Otherwise, moisture can seep into the seam of the repair and begin to break down the wood.

2. Protect Against Rot

Moisture makes wood grains swell and break down, rendering them susceptible to a variety of rot problems and fungal issues. Faded, peeling, or cracked paint allows for moisture incursion into the wood. Generally, if water soaks into a painted wall instead of beading up and running off, then rot is a concern. Fresh paint will create a weatherproof seal against moisture problems.

3. Stop Mildew Growth

Mildew, mold, moss, and algae can all grow on the siding. Not only do they trap moisture against the siding but they can also leave behind unsightly stains. The waterproof seal of fresh paint helps minimize moisture concerns and cover old stains. You can also use exterior paints that contain small amounts of zinc or other moss and algae-killing ingredients to prevent the problem from returning again.

4. Create a Pest Barrier

Insect pests that bore into the wood are more likely to attack exposed wood siding. Once sealed, the wood doesn't attract pests as easily as the paint can act as a barrier against insect activity. Further, a fresh coat or two of paint will seal up the minute cracks and seams in the siding that can't be sealed with caulk or other siding sealants. Fewer cracks and openings mean fewer ways for pests to find their way into the wood or even into your home. 

5. Reduce Heat Concerns

Hot summer sun can wreak havoc on your home's exterior, especially on the walls that receive the most sun exposure. Opting for a light color of paint reflects away the heat and helps reduce sun fading and other types of damage. The paint also seals the wood to protect it from drying out so much that it begins to crack. You can even opt for paint with built-in UV protectants. 

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painting techniques for creative finishes

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