painting techniques for creative finishes

painting techniques for creative finishes

  • 2 Mistakes To Avoid That May Leave Brush Strokes While Painting Your Room's Woodwork

    If you have decided to tackle the job of painting your interior rooms yourself, you may wonder how you are going to paint the woodwork without creating a rough surface. If so, make sure you avoid the following mistakes that may leave behind brush strokes while painting your woodwork. Choosing The Wrong Paintbrush When you go shopping for the paintbrush you plan to use while painting your woodwork, you may think that one is as good as another and may even opt for the cheapest brush you can find to save money.

  • 3 Ways To Bring Out The Architectural Features Of Your Home

    From vaulted ceilings and balustrades to bay windows and interior columns, a house that has dramatic architectural features has a personality and status all its own. The only problem with all these beautiful features is you really do have to be careful how you go about painting everything when the job needs to be done. Too much of one color and all those things that make your home unique simply disappear.

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painting techniques for creative finishes

I have learned a lot about painting techniques that can be used to create some beautiful finishes in the home. Years ago, I tried to sponge paint the kitchen and it was a disaster that I never wanted to experience again. I decided that before I painted one more room in my home that I would take the time to learn the true techniques use to create custom finishes. If this is something that interests you, take a few moments to visit my site. Here, you will find several ideas and learn how to create the custom finishes that make a home uniquely beautiful.